Built with love!

Our CMS is made with love! We have dedicated a lot of time, work and nerves to provide you the best script of this type on the market!

Easy to use!

Our CMS is made for everyone, because its so easy to use. Even if you don’t have any experience using cms, you will be able to use Booksi.

Powerful Admin!

You will be amazed of what our Admin panel can do. Everything on your website will be manageable with ease. Take control of your website!


Owners are members that can post Properties and Services on your website. You can earn money by offering them membership and featured items.

Super Safe

We have added an extra layer of security to our cms, so people with bad intentions can’t penetrate and access to important data.


You website will be fully responsive. That means that user can visit and enjoy your website in every device – mobile, tablet, laptop, pc …

User Experience

We have made everything on our cms to be easily used, so people that have no experience visiting this kind of website have no problem using it.

Super Fast

Built with Laravel, our cms is super fast and optimized to work even when your website is overloaded with visitors. Speed is important for UX.


Why Booksi?

Everything is available for you the moment you buy our cms. The documentation is detailed, it has everything you need to start using Booksi. It doesn’t take any knowledge to install it and manage it, so if you are beginner, don’t worry – we got you covered!

24/7 Support

For your website we are offering support 24/7. We are available for you, our customers every day, for any need and questions or help regarding Booksi. You can also ask about customization, custom themes, custom functions …

Increase Income

If you are an agency that rents Properties (apartments, houses, villas … ) our cms is the right solution for you. For small amount of money, and time you will get a modern, and fully functional website for renting your properties!

Experienced Team

Behind Booksi there is an experienced team that builds for more that 10years! All of our team members are professionals, and are ready to help you out whenever you need help about using our cms, design, customization …

Price Winner

Even before we have released, the early build of Booksi won an award for the most complete cms of its type! Which means, that your website will be powered by one of the best cms’s in the world, and thats really a privilege!